Q&A: Karen Hartley-Nagle
-delaware online

Q&A: Tyler Patrick Nixon
-delaware online

Incumbent Castle faces three challengers
-Cape Gazette - 10/26/06

Middle Class needs to Fight Back Now!
-CNN: Lou Dobbs - 10/18/06

Tyler Nixon: My Favorite Political Media Star
-Delaware Watch - 10/05/06

Read DWA about Tyler Nixon
-delawareliberal - 10/01/06

Tyler Nixon...Revealed!
-down with absolutes! - 10/01/06

Double-dippers draw debate - 09/14/06

The FSP Interview - Tyler Nixon
First State Politics - 09/09/06

When Progressives go Regressive
Sussex Countian - 09/07/06

Lifflander gets dual nomination at deadline
-Sussex Countian - 09/06/06

More Hate Mail from State Senator John Still
-Delaware Watch - 09/05/06

Nixon: Progressive, Visionary and Republican
-Delaware Watch - 08/7/06

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