Same Day Voter Registration
Senate Bill 257 sponsored by Senator McBride will be presented in the Insurance and Elections Committee in this next session. Currently you can register to vote up to 20 days prior to the election, meaning if you wanted to register to vote 19 days or closer to the election you would not be allowed to register and vote.

  • Mail in voting other than absentee ballots
  • Internet voting
  • Remove the words "Democrat" and "Republican" from voter registration form
  • Redistricting 2000

Do not allow politicians to gerrymander voting districts as they have done in the past, thus enhancing incumbent re-election, reducing voter interest and directly influencing low voter turnout. Rather create a non-political task force made up of citizens, who will redistrict the State based only on the 2000 census.

Solutions require informed, involved and empowered citizens who vote.


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