The Webster dictionary's definition of fraud includes the following...."an act of deceiving or misrepresenting;" and "intentional perversion of truth in order to induce another to part with something of value or to surrender a legal right."

Conservative estimates for our private and public health care funds lost to fraud show a loss of approximately 15% of all m monies. In 2000, our total expenditure for healthcare in Delaware will approach $4 billion, This means we will lose approximately $600 million, to fraud.

A Harvard University professor who is an expert on health care fraud states the loss to fraud could be as high as 40% of all health care funds spent nationwide.


The Delaware Medicare Fraud Alert program and similar well-intentioned efforts are laudable. Each recipient of Medicare or other healthcare services should always study all healthcare bills and statements to ensure they are in line with services provided.

However, the profit-driven health insurance industry has too many loopholes, think-tank techniques and aligned political representatives to give up their very successful bottom-line game plans and practices. Many state and local fines have been levies for their prosecuted fraudulent practices but one can count on ones fingers the number of those who were actual sentenced to prison.


The proven, documented way to eliminate fraud and sensibly reform our health care system is with a non-government run Delaware single-payer system. Approximately half of our nation's states now have such reform bills in their legislatures or on their way to them. Congressman Mike Castle (former Governor) has publicly stated that Delaware and other states need to enact a single-payer system.

Using such a system, the health insurance industry is completely eliminated from our health care lives.

The industry contributes absolutely nothing to any aspect of a healthcare system yet it wastes approximately 40% of all funds by its unnecessary paperwork, fraud, profit, saturating advertising, lobbying, contributions to politicians, and causing physicians and other health professionals to waste their time seeking decisions from insurance staff.

The money saved in Delaware would be enough to give every citizen comprehensive health care coverage at all times without any additional insurance, CO-payments, or deductibles. In addition, health care decisions would be returned to physicians and other health care professionals.

Delaware, however, continues to ignore e the single-payer system. Individual and organizations have informed our political leaders about this system, but they have been ignored. (Chairpersons note; not only has each member of the legislature, the Governors office and the Insurance Commissioner been given best knowledge information, they have ignored and refused to even discuss alternative health care or acknowledge the existence of alternative health care.)


There is a movement underway in Delaware that is committed to enacting a single-payer Delaware HealthSecurity Act. Once implemented, this Act will use existing public and private healthcare funds to provide comprehensive coverage to all citizens at all times. Individuals and organizations in Delaware can become informed about the movement by calling 1-888-439-0215

Many groups and organizations currently endorse the single-payer system. The short list is; AFL-CIO, American Medical Student ASSN., American Nurses ASSN., Consumer's Union, Gray Panthers, The League of Women Voters, National Assn. of Social Workers, National Council of Churches, National Council of Senior Citizens, National Education Assn., and the National Organization of Women.

Every civic, business, professional, and other organization in Delaware should make it a top priority to schedule a meeting to help inform their members about what a proven program and cost effective single-payer health care system would contribute to an improved quality of life in this state. "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that has." Margaret Mead

Dr. Floyd McDowell,
Civic/Political Issues
Vice Chair
The Independent Party of Delaware

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