Our citizen-owned Independent Party of Delaware offers you, your family and fellow citizens an independent political choice to the Delaware RepbuliCratCorp Party. Two-thirds of all money given to both major political parties and their candidates comes from large corporations and special interests. Combine these funds with special interest Political Action Committee (PAC) contributions and it’s not hard to understand who really influences and controls government and its aligned politicians and bureaucracies in Delaware.

The main goal of the Independent Party of Delaware is to invite, inform and empower our fellow citizens about proven policies, civic and political issues and practices that have been ignored, misrepresented and misinformed by past and current political establishments.

Our Independent Party of Delaware is an independent, nonprofit, citizen-owned civic/political party. We will recruit, support and elect sensible citizen leaders who are committed to the belief that public service is the most honorable and valuable use of one’s abilities, energy, time and character. Your Party will always place top priority on fully developing our state’s greatest potential- our human potential. For example, approximately three-fourths of our state and local tax funds are used for programs of education, health and other human services. Our Party’s spelled-out and continuously updated positions papers on these and other important civic/political issues will openly inform citizens about how our Independent Party’s elected officials will sensibly accomplish these program and cost effective improvements to our system of government.


Our Independent Party of Delaware’s sensible, best knowledge position papers are developed with input from the most competent leaders in Delaware and our nation who are involved in each issue area.

Our state party has already developed position papers for the following important program areas:

  • Delaware Campaign Finance and Election Reform Act
  • Delaware Health Security Act (a non-government run single-payer system)
  • Delaware Education Reform Act (similar to the very successful Kentucky Education Reform Act of 1990)

Other spelled-out position papers are being developed for the following civic/political issues:

  • Early childhood care/development
  • Affordable Housing and Emergency Housing
  • Initiative and Referendum
  • Equal Rights Amendment
  • Equal Pay for Equal Work
  • Public Libraries (the DNA of civilization)
  • Public Safety
  • Correction efforts and prisons , including alternatives to the disastrous "War on Drugs."
  • Parks and recreational facilities/programs
  • Public transportation including rails
  • Effective public assistance
  • Corporate Welfare
  • Consumer protection
  • Post high school education and training, including trades, professions and continuing education.
  • State approved gambling
  • Volunteer services, especially personal interactions
  • Feeding our hungry
  • Housing our homeless
  • and how your Independent Party of Delaware's sensible changes and improvements will enhance our state/county/local economic and job growth.

A copy or copies of our position papers can be obtained without charge by phoning our Independent Party’s toll - free number ( 1-888-439-0215 ). The Democratic Party of Delaware ( 302-996-9458 ) and the Republican Party of Delaware ( 302-651-0260 ) have NO position papers on their civic/political issues that directly affect your and our future.


All of our Independent Party of Delaware’s candidates for public office will sign an agreement with our party that they will thoroughly learn all of our party’s positions on civic/political issues and support their enactment into law and public policy.

Our independent party believes that in every community in our state there are many capable civic leaders who will make excellent candidates for our citizen-owned party’s sensible program and cost effective positions on civic/political issues. We will continually ask our party members and other Delaware citizens to help us identify and recruit those who are motivated to be well-informed public servants.


We invite every Delaware citizen to learn what our party wants to help accomplish for our state and to share this information with family members and friends. We want and need your membership and involvement in our citizenship crusade’s "process of becoming." We can supply a form that takes less than 5 minutes to fill out for registering to vote, to change ones party affiliation or change your registration from independent to Independent Party. Our phone number is 302-832-0772. We welcome your questions, suggestions and ownership involvement.

Solutions require informed, involved and empowered citizens who vote.

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