Our Independent Party of Delaware is an independent, nonprofit,
citizen-owned civic/political party. We will recruit, support and
elect sensible citizen leaders who are committed to the belief
that public service is the most honorable and valuable use of one's abilities, energy, time and character. Your party will
always place top priority on fully developing our state's
greatest potential: our human potential.


Approximately 100,000 Delawareans have no health insurance, and equal numbers have inadequate health coverage. Nationwide more than 42 million Americans are uninsured. That is 1 out of 7 Americans with-out health insurance. Most Delawareans without health insurance are workers and their families, and the number of the working uninsured is expected to increase significantly over the next decade...


The Delaware Medicare Fraud Alert program and similar well-intentioned efforts are laudable. Each recipient of Medicare or other healthcare services should always study all healthcare bills and statements to ensure they are in line with services provided. However, the profit-driven health insurance industry has too many loopholes, think-tank techniques and aligned political representatives to give up their very successful bottom-line game plans and practices...


The proposed Delaware Campaign Finance and Election Reform Act
was developed by Common Cause of Delaware and is similar to reform acts already passed in other states. It provides a public funding option for candidates who choose this route and meet the qualifying require-ments spelled out in the act. Candidates may choose the present private funding route under this act, but face contribution and expenditure limitations that will be upheld if challenged in court...


Nothing in our state's history of child/youth abuse can touch the massive psycho/social abuse rendered by the totally disproved and outmoded policies and practices of our public schools in Delaware. Research is ceiling high that informs us that the unnecessary failing
and labeling of students is a major cause of substance abuse, delinquency, time-consuming disruptive behavior, teen-age suicide,
and other tragedies that have a lifetime negative effect...